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What is TPRS

TPRS, as we notate in our professional industry, stands for “Tax Problem Resolution Services”. It entails every aspect of solving personal and business tax issues and problems for taxpayers. We have dealt with the Internal Revenue Service, United States Tax Court, and several State Revenue Departments on a direct interaction and representation presence. Our firm has equipped itself with the tools, resources and education to help solve your tax needs. Don’t go at it alone, hire a professional who knows your rights. We are here for your needs, no matter how big or small you may think your issue might be today.

Who is eligible

This market and demographic includes a vast majority of individual, businesses, LLC’s, partnerships, C and S corporations, trusts, and estates and even non-profits. Our focus is to better understand your personal situation, assess the true tax liability issues and determine the best course of action to take every time. Even if you have not filed returns for multiple years, are starting to get those letters in the mail, now is a very good time to bring that issue to us so we can get you back on track. If you have always paid, always filed on time, but life happens and there are penalties, we can look into resolving those issues as well. Call for your free 1 hour consultation NOW.

I am so embarrassed

We understand this may be one the most un-talked about situations you may ever face in your lifetime. We have seen almost every situation possible tracing back to divorce, medical circumstances, death, disaster, and other situations that were beyond the client’s control. We understand that life happens and in many and most situations it came down to either feeding their family or paying the Internal Revenue Service. We always meet in a very professional, confidential, and private meeting one-on-one with our licensed practitioners. We guarantee that after you speak with one of our professionals, you will feel like the burden is lifted from your shoulders.

If I can settle with the IRS, why not do this all the time

Everyone’s situation is different, unique, and often times very specific to what events that are or did take place in their lives that caused penalties, interest, liens, levies, assessments, and so forth. Of course, we never advise to purposely put yourself and your assets in jeopardy just for the sake of misleading or misrepresenting yourself with a government agency. Plus, they (IRS and State Departments) do track these incidents, history of your patterns, as well as how many times you have or have not filed and paid. Settling your case for a much less amount must be a qualified situation. We do not push information through the system just to buy time or temporarily fix these issues. We will get you final results.


As we move through a case we typically have to deal with the appeals process. With that said, each case that we represent often needs additional processes since each case is tailored to individual and a case-by-case review basis. We take your case through appeals because we know taxpayer’s rights and know the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the States, can be misleading and often times assume a lot of facts based on very little data information that they have available to them. It is our goal to reach the best financial outcome in the taxpayer’s best interest. There may be some setbacks, but there is always an appeals process that we know we can exercise all the way to tax court, if that is what it will take.

Accounting 101

Situation – medical/divorce/death/sickness/disaster

Regional firm

We have many clients that we service around the country. Our physical location is in Joplin, Missouri but we communicate with our out of town or state clients via mail, phone, fax and email. We are licensed in the state of Missouri under the Missouri Society of CPA’s and can represent clients from all states for tax matters. Our reach extends over approximately a 150-mile radius with clients and future clients driving up to 2 hours for our professional, friendly, and prompt service. For example, we meet with several tax clients in the Northwest Arkansas. We enjoy seeing our clients face-to-face every year for planning and preparation and enjoy talking with our regional clients. We take pride in ourselves that we are a local and family owned practice combatting the IRS and State Departments on an on-going and daily basis. There are no other firms that enjoy and know this work like we do.

Penalty abatement 101

There are currently a few ways to get some penalties waived if you meet certain criteria. We offer this specialized service to all existing clients as well as a separate service. There are various penalties: filing late, not paying enough, not paying on time and of course the everyday accrued penalties and interest in addition to the taxes. Reasonable cause is used when the taxpayer has had specific circumstances happen to them in life that restricted them from filing or paying on time. If the event was beyond their control then we can dispute and prove facts to the Internal Revenue Service to get those waived. There is also another service we offer called “first time penalty abatement” and can be used if you meet certain criteria. If you have always been a perfect filer and did everything on time,   with just one or a few years with some issues, you may fit this criteria.

Why we are the best

We are the only firm in the region that aggressively and consistently handles tax resolution year-round. Chris D. Churchwell, CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CTRS (Certified Tax Resolution Specialist), ELP (Endorsed Local Provider of Dave Ramsey), has been representing clients since 1999 when he started his public tax services to taxpayers.  Caley Hedman, EA has started with the tax resolution full time since 2010. We have had many and very successful cases closed throughout these years. We always keep a mindset of finding and proving the truth to the IRS or State Departments when communication can be misleading, confusing and threatening. We travel the nation year-round with different professional associations who share their knowledge and expertise on tax resolution that we put to use for all of our clients. You meet with us in person and follow up in person versus the large national firms and chains who often times take your money, leaving your problems un-solved.. Enough about us, what can we do to help YOU and your tax situation?  Come tell us about YOU!

100% guarantee?

We can 100% guarantee that we will do everything in our power to get you the best possible outcome for your tax scenario. Sometimes we may hit a few bumps in the road and situations may not play out exactly as wanted or desired but we will continue the battle and fight for our taxpayers.  There are various pathways through every single case that we handle that leads itself to a solution that is viable for the taxpayer. We have almost always had to go through the appeals process for many cases, even when it seemed very simple on the front end. We will exercise all rights necessary to get to the best solution possible. It is about a 1% or less amount of cases that end up going to tax court, but we usually find a better solution that we can all agree to in the appeals process.  Like I said, don’t go at it alone, hire our certified professionals who know your rights to do it for you.

Preventions & baby steps

We always recommend keeping all records for the last 7 years minimum, unless there is a previous year you think was unusual or the IRS would need to reference it. If you have an ongoing tax problem, please keep and read all letters from the IRS and State Departments or bring them to us ASAP! There are certain letters that have very important dates, so the longer you wait, the worse it can get! We also encourage you to keep all current personal income and expense documents on hand; those are always needed, especially if you have taxes owed because the IRS needs proof of what your ability to pay or negotiate. Before the year ends, it is always wise to get your income and earnings reviewed to check your tax liabilities and you entitled tax deductions! If in doubt, always talk to one of our licensed professionals about your situation. What you don’t know could possibly hurt you.

Planning & moving forward

The whole goal of resolving your tax debts is to come clean, plan for the future and not let this happen again. The burden of this problem will never go away until you decide it is time to get ahead of the IRS and beat them to the solution before it is too late. If ignored, liens, levies and garnishments will happen. If you take care of them on the front end and be proactive about it, even our fees will be less since the situation won’t be as extreme as waiting until it is a bad situation like mentioned before. Once we find a solution for you, planning for the next few years is just as important as combating the initial tax issues. The government does keep track of the history of filings and payments and will know if you are a repeat offender. We want to fix it all at once, give you a map for the future and be proactive each year so it will not happen again.

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